Spencer Quotes

Spencer Hastings has like.... NO boobs.
Just sayin'.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm thankful for many things
But most importantly, I'm thankful for you all.

Ashy; I love you, okay? You are like my cuddle buddy and all, you're just perfect. Like oml. I could go on and on about how perfect you are. Please always remember I care about you, okay?

Ave; You're beautiful. Even when you're sad you still manage to smile, fake or not it manages to get me to smile, thus, thank you. Stay strong, simply because you are loved.

Tori; I'm glad you're alive. You're such an energetic, brilliant girl. I just wish you'd see it because you really are perfect. Many people love and care about you so try to stay strong, okay?

Sam; Thank you. For like everything. Thanks for being so kind, sweet, amazing, happy, perfect. Just thank you. You're so wise and beautiful as well. Just, never change.

Malaika; You. Oml. Okay. No words can express how amazing you are. You have problems of your own but you look past them to be there for everyone. You are one of the sweetest people I know.

Erica; I'm honored to call you my friend, even if you see me as some creepy stalker dude. You are amazing and brilliant and funny and perfect and just. Wow. Ily.

Joshywoshy; You were scared of being judged when you first joined. I really hope you've gotten over that. You are amazing and adorable and awesome and cute and I promise to eat you soon.

Krista; God I hope that's your name. Anywho. You're so sweet and amazing. Like You're perfection. You always know how to make people smile, even on their worst day. Stay awesome, please.

Taylor; You're awesome, okay. Ily. You're so funny and just cool. I really wish we talked more because you really are amazing. You're profile is just perfect. You're very caring and sweet and just. Stay amazing forever, okay.

Steve; Okay, that comment was a dare. Sorry if you like hate me now. Anyway. You are so amazing. I may not have ever talked to you but I've seen how you always help everyone and it is so sweet. Thank you so much for making this website, you've changed many lives and probaly saved many of them too. Like you may think 'Oh, it's just a website.' But it's more than that. People who don't belong found somewhere where they do, where they can be themself. Thank you so much.

Jannette; I do believe we started off on the wrong foot. I'm glad that you decided to look past that and give me another chance. If you hadn't I would've never come to know how amazing and awesome you are. Thank you.

Bri; You're awesome. I love you. You were like one of my first friends on here, to think Doctor Who could bring people so close. We also need to fangirl about Black Butler soon. Anywho. Thank you for always being perfect and amazing.

Spencer; I love talking to you. Like there are days I legitly only get out of bed in the morning to talk to you. You may hate people and all but really, you are like super sweet. Ily okay. Stay amazing.

Lu; Sigh. I don't even know where to start. I love you. You have like a bajillion reasons to leave me but yet you still stay. Thank you for that. I honestly don't think I could've found a more amazing, more perfect person to call mine. You are like. God. If he existed. Yep. That's how amazing you are. You're perfect. Like whenever I think of you, the only flaw I can really think of is that you live so damn far away, and you can't help tha You're so adorable and you're one of the few who see past my 'I'm okay' stuff when I'm not. Then instead of pushing me to tell you what's wrong, you do like everything in your power to make it better. Thankyou. I love you.

Everyone else; Thank you for like all the amazing quotes and for making my day with them. You all are special and amazing and perfect and brilliant. Please, never let the crule words of society bring you down because you all are amazing. Ilyall.

Dr. Spencer Rei
Dr. Sheldon Cooper


Spencer: He let me borrow his stain stick
Guy: Yeah, can I have that back now?
Spencer: Sure *hands him pepperoni stick*
Guy: This is a pepperoni stick...
Spencer: I'm in trouble...

you're little but you're big!
come on we're team Sparia!




FroCruel TCool


Spencer's P.O.V


Hey, my name is Spencer. There's this guy at my school, and he is the reason of why I am broken. His name is Brandon, and he is super cruel, and doesn't care about anyone's feelings at all. But the worst thing is that it's me he hates in particular. I don't know what I ever did to upset him like this, because I haven't done anything to deserve this. He bullies, and he's with me in nearly every single class at school. I'm starting to dread going to this school, because all it's doing is causing drama and sitchy, unsolvable problems. But, I don't want to act immature by telling an adult, so I keep my mouth shut closed about this threatening guy. But even if I told someone, no one would be able to solve all my problems. They'd probably just say something like, "Oh, Spencer! Don't let a stupid boy let you down or upset you! What harm could he even do?" Like, how does it even solve my problems? They just tell me to be positive, but it's not working out. It's not that easy as you think, but they just don't understand.
So, leave me a comment & tell me if I should continue!

we aren't friends, but I loved our conversations
& the fun times we had together.
i love you.
you are so inspirational & amazing and I was so sad to find out you were leaving.
im really sorry about whatever happened that made you leave witty
just remember that everyone loves you and wants you back on witty.
its not the same anymore without you. <3

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