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Status: Truly, madly, deeply in love with Calum Hood;)
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 I'm a crazy and weird girl who likes to have a good laugh!:)


Quotes by Crazy girl*

I miss the times where i used to post loads of quotes on here
you see me in the spotlight like "ooh i love your style" uh huh show me what you got now, come on make it worth my while
I cant remember the last time I even posted a quote on here!
That awkward moment when Caitlyn Jenner makes a prettier girl than you.
I don't understand why so mnay people love British accents, I mean personnaly I prefer American accents cause they are so awesome, I love them!
I have no idea what to write be here goes.
I remember when I was addicted to witty and now not so much:/
Congrats to Kate Middleton on the birth of her baby girl! #royalbaby
As of Wednesday its been a year since i've been on Witty which is awesome! I cant believe its been a year already. time flies so fast! But thanks to the wittians who are stil following me from the start, ILY! <3
I have royal baby fever, I can't wait for Kate Middleton to have her 2nd baby!