People Quotes

people survive in
People who don't need people are the second luckiest people in the world.
Some people make a room adjoining just by being in it.
The phrase 'any number of people' also applies for quantities ≤ 0.
There are people who will pick your brain like they're picking a pimple.
You can tell a lot about a person by what they think you can tell a lot about a person by
~Theres few people i want to talk to, but i cant. Theres so much i want to talk about, but i cant. Theres so many words i want to say, but i cant. Theres a lot of things I cant do, at least not with you.~
~I feel like i wouldn't be good enough to qualify as a "good gf" i dont know how to girlfriend. I dont know how to people, so how would i know how to girlfriend?~

i gave all my oxygen
to people who could breathe

People will sabotage your soul, ravage your kindness, vandalize your reputation and still have the audacity to ask you to love them and give them more.

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