Quotes added on Thursday, February 24 2005

Life isn't about waitin 4 the storm 2 past, its about learnin 2 dance in the rain.....
ya, life can b hard. Life can b rough. but who will b in ur place if u give up on life?
they say "if you love them let them go;; but theyll come back if they really love u"
LiFe iS NoT aBoUt hOw mAnY bReAtHeS yOu tAke...*
iT is AbOuT hOw mAny pEopLe tAkE yOur bReAtHe awAy x*3
Good bye

Why do you treat me like this?
Why do you make me cry so much?
Why do i hold on to you if know how you gonna treat me.
Im sick and tired of the same story over and over again
those i love you's and im sorry's
well guess what its your loss
i wish we can act like a real couple not fake
sometimes i sit and wonder when is the real you gonna shine?
I cant hold on to you any longer so i guess this is good-bye

~!Luisa!~ i wrote this in science for my friend and her boyfriend
u mean tha world 2 me~
~isn't that enough?

100% mine! don abuse it ppl!
||                      || 
||¸.-···· 0(o.o)0.··-., || 
||\¸.-···-· O--O··· -.¸..\ 
||  \       Sleeping      \ 
\     *··--··*··- -··*··--· .\ 
  \  || _ . __ _ __ __ __|     
*if your willing 2 give me 100%
<- pack up n go home
*we only take winners
give me 110% ->

...yeh ur a solider now...
fighting in a battle ... ... 2 b free once more
is that worth fighting for ... ?

-sophia [lov that movie <3]
I LoVe YeW
YeW CaNt SeE
WhY cAnT We JuSt Be
OnE cUtE cOuPlE
SaYiN i LoVe yEw
I gUeSs YeW DoNt LoVe Me TeW
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