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Your mind is an old book,
Ripping at the seams,
Missing pages,
But priceless.

No, we're just friends
with your hand on my leg




Six monthgone and I'm still reaching
I know your not there.


Guy: Come over
Girl: I'm coming over
Guy: We should really stop using walkie talkies in bed over


gonna be fine.


DO NOT ERASE THE FORMAT CREDIT© format by: br0kenwings

they say that
you can't love others
if you don't love yourself,
but some of
us love others
so much that we have
no love
left for ourselves.

Today marks four years on here for me.
Who'd have thought I'd be who I am, huh? Who'd have thought.
I was thirteen when I joined, directed here by a friend on Stardoll. I found, I read, I stayed, I laughed, I wrote, and I grew. There were probably a few tears on the way, too, because for some girls, having an online diary just works, I guess.

I have changed so much in four years. I have grown.
I have fallen to the deepest, darkest lows, and reached the peaks of mountains I still don't know the names of. I've said 'hello' and 'goodbye' countless times to countless blank faces. I've been kind, and cruel, and heartless, and hilarious. I've been a let down, and I've been the best friend I can be. 
I have hurt. Oh, my quotes know that I've had my moments of doubt, of disgusting self-pity, of destructive anger and dangerous blaming.

But know that you haven't seen some of the best times, because I like to keep those to myself. And it's not as dark or as bleak as it seems. There's enough sunshine in my life to blind you if you're not careful. The problem is, I never am.

Over the years, the way I've used witty's evolved so much. First, it was a library for my thoughts; then, an archive for me as I grew up; and more recently, a way to get rid of the more negative emotions.

Four years. Infinite 'me'sThanks for putting up with me all this time, witty. ♥

If you want to be just friends,
don't pull me to the ground with you.
Dance a little slower
Sing a little louder
Kiss a little softer
Look a little deeper
Dream a little harder
Love a little longer
Be a little better

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