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The memories ...
The person.
I started smoking cigarettes because of you. You f*ck with my head so much. You want me then snub me, love me then hate me, show me you're sensitive then act a complete a**hole. What the f*ck!? I'm such a f*cking idiot. I hurt myself because I don't know what to do. It's like I'm trying my hardest to move and meet you and it feels like it's not good enough. Like it's not going fast enough. I'm sorry I f*cking fail too much. But why the f*ck did you just disappear? Not a f*cking word, but poof gone. That's what really f*cking hurts. And the worst part is that you couldn't care less.
Maybe part of me will always stay hidden
Maybe one day I'll open up to someone
who cares
Maybe I'll finally realize that no one really
Call me flower, handsome boy..  i'll tell u who's the boss xp
is like a paper 
once it's crumpled
it can't be

I could write about
you until the world ends
because I don't know how
else to get rid of you,
but even then you still
wouldn't be gone.

- a.m
somewhere someone is thinking of you. wishing somewhere somehow you'll meet.
Thought to myself “I’m okay, I don’t feel a thing But, in the end, there’s a drag weighing down on me Running on ahead again, you seemed to escape Every step, never touching down Couldn’t do a thing but stare without a sound

Hey I just want to thank you for existing :)  and tell you that I love you
With tears in my eyes,
I begged you to stay.

You said "Hey man,
I love you, but no fúcking way."
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