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I've had my profile since 2009

It's been over 5 years since I've logged on here
-still rememeber my info-

I'm now 22 living on my own
Looking back at my old posts I just want to tell each and every one of you
it gets better..i swear to you

I think I was 13 when I started posting and man was I naive.
That boy you're crying about? give it a few years, I promise you'll forget all about him
The tough time you're having? you'll get through it
Suicidal? DONT DO IT

There's still so much in this world you have left to discover and I'm still at the opening gates.
don't give up

because years from now, when you're in my position, you'll come back to your profile and say 

"wow..I did it."

getting hurt isn't just a
consequence or punishment – it’s an essential ingredient to our growth. The whole of living is wrapped up in pain. It’s about the giving too much and the going too hard and the f.ucking up and falling apart and then piecing yourself back together. Life is about learning from each other, growing through relationships, letting a person or a situation or an opportunity change the way you think and look at and react to the world around you. And of course that’s going to sometimes end in pain. Pain is an essential component of living – it’s not something we can choose to avoid. Telling someone “I don’t want to see you get hurt” is also telling them, “I don’t want to see you grow.” It’s telling them, “I don’t want you to feel love.” “I don’t want things to change for you.” “I don’t want your life to be a dynamic and continuous unfolding that teaches and inspires and ultimately strengthens you as a result of what you’ve been through.” Telling someone you don’t want to see them get hurt is telling them you do not want them to fully experience their lives… because you don’t want to witness their struggle.

Whoever said actions speak louder than words has never been silenced by the deafening howl of a small, unexpected goodbye.


The pain of losing out on experiences will always be greater, in the long run, than the pain of getting burned by a single experience gone wrong. Wounds heal. Sores close over. Life keeps flowing past every injury and upset that we encounter along the way. But the dull, throbbing ache of never having gone for anything – that’s the kind of pain that dismantles you from the inside out. That’s the pain that follows you through your life, that refuses to dislodge from the backburner, that slowly but surely drives you mad, wondering what would have happened if you’d only taken that one chance.

you leave but you don't stay gone. why do you do that? why do you abandon the thing you want to keep? why do you think it's okay to both go and return all at once?
   There were some things that needed to be said even if the person you were saying them to didn’t understand; words that must be released from their trapped place where their flapping to get out could cause internal damage.


I look a girl in the eye and it was a very long love story with thunder and kisses and lightning. I live fast.

only a pro gets me to 

swearing off  men

with his name

There are some users on here who I used to speak to every single day. Now, most of them haven't been on Witty in months. :/ 
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