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1. I have a tradition of using purple toothbrushes.
2. I drink my coffee black. The worse my mood, the more bitter it'll be. A sugar cube means a good day.
3. I will walk around the house with your hoodie, a blanket, and a quilt, and you will deal with it.
4. No situation is too awkward to crack bad sexual jokes. Never bring a partner home. I will humiliate the both of you; it's how I show affection.
5. If you catch me cackling at cartoons at four in the morning, don't bring it up at breakfast. Odds are I'm too tired and grumpy for your shxt, and I will glare at you until one of us has to leave.
6. Speaking of which, just because I'm looking at you and not smiling doesn't mean I'm glaring. I just have sharp eyes. I'm not glaring at you. I'm not glaring at you.
7. I will come and flop on your bed and moan until you pay attention to me.
8. I will leave dinosaur and space nerd stuff all over the place and get genuinely furious when you try to touch it.
9. I will pretend I can cook. You will have to do damage control. And lie and tell me I did a good job. 
10. I'm pain-in-the-axs obnoxious about 'my seat' at the kitchen table.
11. Yes, I need twenty bottles in the shower. No, I won't use one at the time. Variety is the spice of life, okay.
12. I'll make a big deal of the little puff of steam the kettle makes after you pour a hot drink, and tell you to shut up if you teasingly point it out.
13. Sometimes I start crying late at night and will stubbornly refuse to tell you why in the morning.
14. I snack on biscuits at 2am. Hide your stash.
15. Listening to dark secrets, giving advice, and comforting people as they cry is one of my secret talents.
16. It will take me a long time to tell you I don't know where the bus station is. A lot of patience is required with peopele this stubborn.
17. I will eat the leftovers. Always. 
18. I love comfortable silences and hanging upside down off the sofa. Best served together.
19. I'm an insecure little shxt and will probably ask you monthly 'do you want to move out? You hate living with me, it's okay, I know.'
20. I have to sing Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde to psyche myself up before I rip off a wax strip. Don't laugh at me or I'll end you.

You never know what you have until...

                                                            clean your room.

If you loved me then you would care.

mine. mine. m i n e .


The days are long,
but the years are short,

she realized.
Time is passing, and I'm not focusing enough
on the things that really matter.

-- The Happiness Project

there's never been a moment more beautiful than the moment his hand touched mine for the first time
Relations are like stapler pins.

Easy to attach, but

Very hard to detach.

Even if the pin is removed,

It always leaves a mark.

I'm breaking under the pressure.
My bones can no longer stand up against the weight of your footsteps walking away.
I'd like to say I was stronger.
That I too would walk away from all of this unscathed.
But my brittle bones scream in the night.
They are begging you to come back and remove the weight you put on me.
But you can't hear me.
You're so far off into your own world that not even the sound of my heart breaking in two could bring you back.
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They're not going to teach you about heartbreak. youre going to have to figure it out for yourself. Heartbreak is going to feel a lot like food poisioning when he leaves even though you havent eaten in days. you dont talk. you dont open your mouth, you just lay on the bathroom floor so everytime you feel words coming up to be pushed out, you can reach for the toilet and flush away all the screams. Heartbreak is going to feel alot like a disease when your mother asks why youre shivering under four blankets and you try to explain to her that youre not cold on the outside. rather on the inside, like all the sunshine has left your bloodstream. like youre standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella. Heartbreak feels alot like the cold of winter that follows you around all winter. it will creep up on you like fog in the spring and youll never see it coming. so when you wake up suddenly at 3am because hes calling you 6 months later and you feel that chill in your bones and that pounding in your heart and your teeth are chattering, dont pick up. dont pick up no matter how many times he calls, because even though youve pictures yourself rejecting his apology a million times,you know that as soon as you hear his voice, youll break faster than you can take a breath. block his number. you wanted him back once, but not anymore. its okay to push him out of your mind and its okay to cry about it. but please do not fall victim to him again. you are stronger than that
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