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LiveToInspire's Favorite Quotes

When I do something great,
 No one seems to remember.
 When I do something wrong,
 No one can seem to  forget.


Walk ng
 Down the hall with her head held high; every hair is in it's place, see's a friend & waves hi, wearing a smile on her face. Funny, smart & beautiful everyone loves this girl. Seemingly content, her heads in a whirl. Inside shes unhappy & she doesnt know why. She lays in her bed at night & cries. She doesn't know what causes the tears; how could this princess have insecurities or fears? She has it all. A pretty smile, many friends, a great guy, the newest trends, her family has money, she gets good grades, she has her own car, her makeup never fades. Always looking happy, every single day, but inside shes feeling a different way. This is wonder girl she is everyones dream, but things arent always what they seem.

Keep your hopes up
 & your head held high.
& I
promise you.
You will touch the


This is me praying

  That this was the first page, not where the story ends. 




 You have brains in your head.
 You have feet in your shoes.

  You may steer yourself
 Any direction you choose. 



jayciecutie01's format

Thanks for giving up on me,
  Thats exactly what I needed. 

 The hardest thing in life,
Is watching someone you love,
Love someone else.
Format by Sandrasaurus
  Your the definition.

 Isn't an excuse to screw up your life.

Never known the lovin' of a man;
but it sure felt nice as he  holding

 my hand.