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Mehhhhhhhhh. Life. Sucks. About. Now. Wittiers, Help Me? Alex Is Making A Witty Today.. WHAT. DO. I. DO??

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This Girl Is: Funny, Amazing, Sweet, Mean, Awesome, Cool, PRETTY, Talented, Imaginative, Considerate, Deserving, Encouraging, Compassionate, Intelligent, Optimistic, TRUSTFUL, Openminded, Energetic, Impeccable, Marvolous,  Accomplished, Bold, Blessed, Cheerful, Estatic, Couragous, Bright, Inspiring, Intuitive, Kindhearted, Loyal, Peaceful, Remarkable, Resourceful, ORIGINAL, Poetic-.-, Stupendous, Understanding, Unique, Adventureous; She Is Brittney And No One Else♥
If  You Don't, Spiders Will Eat You :C Buuuut, I'll Protect You... Why? (I Don't Know! Kiddin`)
Because I Wuv You More♥♥♥♥ And That Isn`t Going To Change, Understood?
Deal With It♥. You Need To Read!
Now, I Give You This Song: Muahaha ^

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Matthew Has Popcicles In His Basement Conn
Has Anyone Else Noticed:
When You Don't Need It: ''I'll Always Be There For You♥''
When You Need It: ''Sorry, She's My Friend, She's Cool, I Can't Help You.''
Huh, Thanks.


is it  wrong  to

          Only Love You? :/ ♥

I Need Some Help
Comment On My Profile? Thanks :)

Back Then: You Made Me So Happy. You Loved Me, And I Loved You. Forever And Always
Now:I Wish We Never Met. </3

I love you,
Alex, You know I Love You. But now, You just

Don't Care.


After So Long Forever
Becomes Impossible.



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He Dumped Me. For Her.