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even the best fall down sometimes. 
even the [wrong words] seem to
rhyme. out of the doubt that fills my
mind, i somehow find you and i collide.

Quotes by same_old_story

i     l     o     v     e     y     o     u
s     o     i     w     a    n     t      y     o     u     t     o    
b     e     h     a     p     p     y     b     u     t     i     o     n     l     y    
w     a    n     t     i     t     t     o     b     e     m     e     t     h     a     t

i don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the
pouring rain.  look for the girl with the broken smile. ask her if she wants to stay awhile,

& she will be loved.

i wanted to make a quote about you, but i realized
ve is indescribable
oh you didnt just break it once,
[ y o u       b r e a k       i t ]
every single day, but its not like
[ y o u ' d c a r e a n y w a y s ]
------>i woke up 20 minutes late.
in english, no one saved me a spot.
  i    x    s   a   t    x   a   l   o   n   e
after school, i got to watch him flirt
with her.
i got in a fight with my best friend.
i lie every day;

because every day i tell myself i don't like you anymore.
i'm totally over you (:


i love you*i'm over you
i need you*i need to forget you
i feel bad for you*i hate you
i wanna be around you*i wanna be anywhere but near you
i want you to be happy*i want you to get hurt
you make me smile*you make me cry
boy, your so confusing.

you need to
 i love you i love you
read between
i love you i love you
the lines [♥]


Love can hope where reason would despair