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if u read this u gotta kno i love u sharlene B and Kaylan Y u r the best and i dont kno what i would do with out u sharlene - we hav known each other sence day 1 and got in sum fights but always made up! got in trouble but lived thru it all grl ur da best i love u and u hav helped me thro so much from last yr likin kyle 2 this yr 2 all the way bak in the 1st grade when i had my first crush! i love you so much!! and always wanna b friends till the day i die! kaylan- i just met u not 2 long ago the first day of skewl this yr actually but u r 1 of my only friends my WHOLE family likes you and sharlene even tho half my family calls u curBBy lolbut ur the best! my 2nd best friend !! i love you and me n u hav been thru alot dealin with A*S cough and her new B*F eww he is ugly and she looks like a R*A*T lol well i love u! and i hope we stay friends for eva!!!!! and.........eva lol!! o and kaylan only 1 of my dogs is brain dead but the other knos ur NOT ACTUALLY THROWIN the ball when u move ur hand like that but jingles still loves ya ther is my pro home u like it...! -::kyrstin::-

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roses really smell like boohoo-

what is so great about that gay song?!?!?!

: you broke my heart i dont kno y? ::
:: you tore it to pieces and made me cry ::
:: but now i laugh at the fact ::
:: not becuz i lost you but becuz ur wacked ::

made from my brain!!dont take credit for it!!!

im me if you want some poems or quotes...
-*i miss u*-
-*i love u*-
-*i wish i never lost u*-
-*i got mad we broke up*-
-*u met her, and i threw up*-
i miss u lotz and i kno were friends
but y cant i acept that fact?
or can juss star ova again
i think about u every night..
i cry about u every day..
i look at her and run awy

dont take credit for my stuff....

and i still love you JP....this is dedicated to you....
******** Kyrstin ******** 
º(¸.·'´(¸.·'´`'·.¸)`'·.¸)º O o 

if you want your name can go there
::I think bout u every day dream about u everynight then start 2 cry when i open my eyes b/c i kno ur not myne::
im on the computer rite now i just dont wanna talk 2 u!
im not here rite now do you not see the lil yellow THING nex top my name????????
i think ur sexy... sexy sexy sexy!...

im gone....

but if you are sexy stay on and i will be bak for you..........

sexy sexy sexy!
i love you and think y me
i see u and think y me
i hear u and think y me
because every time i c u i kno i had a chance and blew it every time i hear u i kno i had that chance and i blew it and now i love you more that ever and wish u like me instead of my best friend :'-(