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Teenage Fitness

Hey! I don't know where to start, but well, I'm Sophia.
I have a main account which I will not be naming, but I made this account on Witty to help my brothers and sisters looking to be fit.

This will be filled with tips, advice, and motivational quotes.
The point here isn't to make you 'skinny', it's to make you happy with yourself and confident in your body! If you already are, then good for you! If not, I hope I can help you.

This is not just for people looking to lose weight! It's also for underweight people looking to gain a few pounds and stay healthy, or just for people who want to be a bit more toned and are already in a healthy weight, basically, this is for everyone who would like to join! You CAN if you want to!

Lets start with a few rules..
1) The perfect body is what YOU want your perfect body to be. Don't let anybody else tell you what your perfect body is!
2) Starvation is not the way to go! The most important part here is to be healthy.
3) Push yourself to the limit, not PAST the limit. You don't want to get hurt!
4) Take it slow. Patience is a virtue.

I will also be posting about my 12 week plan!
I am currently in a healthy weight, just looking to tone my body a bit. So I'll also be posting about my exercises and such, as well as giving you guys tips, advice and motivation.


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Trustmeee 7 years ago
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I love the idea for this profile(: It's very cool!
teenagefitness 7 years ago
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thank you! :D