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I am a Dreamer.
An artist, an author, a joker and a schemer.
A quiet one, a shy one, but outgoing and insane...
You're soon to find out that I'm anything but plain.
A dancer, a giggler, a friend and a roleplayer,
I believe the worst people are the dream and idea slayers.
Sticks and stones almost never break a bone and words can always hurt you,
Sometimes it really sucks to sort the legends from the true.
Well, that's my little tidbit, my little "All About Me..."
Hopefully you see it as something only dreamers can see.

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I follow anyone and everyone because y'all deserve to be followed <3

Quotes by tiloosela

Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you'll land amoung the stars...

...where you will be forced to drift aimlessly farther into the vast, empty abyss of space until a lack of food, water, and oxygen causes you to succumb to death's cold embrace.

Sweet dreams.


[1] I need to tell you a secret, look at 5!
[2] The answer is look at at 11.
[3] Don't get mad, look at 15.
[4] Calm down, don't be mad, look at 13.
[5] First look at 2.
[6] Don't be angry, look at 12!
[7] I just wanna say I love you.
[8] What I wanted to tell you was... look at 14.
[9] Be patient, look at 4.
[10] This is the last time; just look at 7.
[11] I hope you don't get mad when I say look at 6.
[12] sorry, look at 8.
[13] Don't get mad, look at 10.
[14] I don't know how to say this but look at 3.
[15] You must be really angry, look at 9.