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Cure for a broken heart:
1 carton of chocolate ice cream
1 marathon of Hannah Montana marathon to make fun of
1 best friend to make it all better <3

sorry if this is on here just thought of it!
this isn't exactly a quote but i really need 2 tell about whats happening and no1s around to talk, so sorry. venting!
ok so ive been going out with this guy that i really think im in love with for 2 months now. and he always says he loves me too and i knew it was true for a long time but lately im not sure. and hes so confusing. twice now hes said i dont like him anymore and it always ends up in me crying and telling him that i love him and how i cant believe he doesn't see that. it's not like he ever has any reason to say it either he always says "idk it just seems like it". i never know why he puts me through all that. it REALLY hurts and i don't want to lose him. and wenever i went on aim before he would always talk to me right away. now i have to talk to him first. its not like i just say it before he gets a chance to either. i wait 5 minutes and he doesn't talk to me until i say something to him. and even then he barely talks to me. and we used to do things together almost everyday. its been almost two weeks since we have done anything. hes not even trying anymore. im really afraid hes going to break up with me. also schools starting in a few days and we have no classes together. before we were going out he told me about this girl who likes him. shes in a lot of classes with him. this is so supersticious and stupid but i had a dream that he was asked out by this girl and said yes and im just afraid hes gonna meet someone else and forget about me. i just want to know he still loves me and hes not going to forget about me this year. im so mad at myself for being like this and so fricken jealous its really stupid and i wish this wouldnt be happening ugh! i really love him. i just don't know what to do. </3 =[
type here
Biting my fingers.
Why isn't he talking to me?
Its been days.
Please don't let this happen again.
It hurts to much.
He doesn't talk to me for days.
Then says he doesnt think
I like HIM.
It all ends in tears.
At least for me.
I want to go back.
Back to when he used to tell me he loved me.
And i believed it EVERY time.
When our convos were always
I love you more.
But no, those days are gone.
It seems like all he wants is to
Well I'm sick of it.
So why can't I tell him?

credit^^ all mine...vetingg </3
I was with my 3 year old cousin who was telling me and my mom about a trip she went on to some battle ship. While describing it she turned to my mom and said "And the ship, it was even BIGGER than your head!" She is now my favorite cousin.

minee!!^^ true story =]
credit^^ =]
i love you =)
&+All my quotes are bipolar
Because one day I'm convinced he loves me
The next I'm doubting he ever  liked  me

credit^^ venting
He fell in love
I never did
He hit the ground hard
I'm still falling
He got up and got over it
I'm not landing
He's long gone
I'll never stop falling
He stopped long ago
I'll always be in love
He's done falling
I'm not stopping

too tired to make colors now...ill redo it later...ventinggg
She's in love
Theres no doubt about it
He says he's in love
She's doubting he means it
He was before, she knew for sure
But things seem to be slipping away
He changes more every day
First its as simple as
Talking to her less
Then things get worse
He ditches her for his friends
Soon hes not even saying
I Love You, Good Night <3
But she's in love
And she can't leave him
Maybe she's wrong
People make mistakes
Maybe he's over her
People can change
But she can't leave him
No, she can't leave him
Because whatever he does
She's in love

ventingg sorry if its no good. im dating this incredible guy but he just doesnt seem to be into me anymore and i still love him. hurting...dont know what to do. </3