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Bitchy Quotes, Bitchy Quotes Images, Bitchy Sayings

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Save Me From A 
Buring Hell
Guide Me To My



Last Day of School

Normal People: OMG! I'm going to miss you SOSOSOSO MUCH!!
Me: *do a backflip off the school* ADIOS BI*CHES!!
A student, not wearing saftey goggles gets some unknown chemical in his eye. What is the most appropriate action he should take?
(1) put on saftey goggles (Yes you should TOTALLY put goggles on AFTER you get shtiff in your eye!)
(2) Ask his lab partner if his eye looks okay ("Hey bro, I just got something that might kill me in my eye, does it look okay?")
(3) Logical answer (duurr hurr)
(4) Rub the eye gently and see if it hurts or stings (WHY THE FLUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?)

i love my friend  XD
"When the power of love overcome the love of POWER, the love of the world will know peace."
-Jimi Hendrix

as though no one is watching you,
as though you have never been hurt before, 
as though no one can hear you,
live as though heaven is on earth --souza

That sad moment when food is more of a friend to you than your actual blood in flesh friends, and then you realize that as your looking at the apple, it had DNA... awkward....  :O

Who else heard about the


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:) they
:) are
:) all
:) unique
:) just 
:) like 
:) you