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You see me from the outside
But you don't judge me from the inside.

I'm in love.

Quotes by Kizzie29

You think you're weak
Because inside, you're dying.
But in reality, real strength is when
Someone can pick themselves up off the ground and pretend like it never even happened.
Me studying for a test: Learn, baby, learn learn
Me and my best friend were talking about our weddings
She told me she was going to marry her crush and I could be a bridesmaid. Then she told me she was only coming to my wedding if I have a chocolate fountain with marshmallows.
But then she says, "But even if there is no chocolate fountain, I'll be the madwoman carrying one into the church and having my own wedding ceremony with my cats."
This, ladies and gentleman, is why she is my best friend.
On 21st December

The whole class has decided to throw themselves on the ground for 5 minutes and act dead in every lesson and then get up and pretend like it never happened and get back to their class.

Think again Directioners

Justin Bieber Fact #810

Beliebers are the worlds biggest fandom,
making up 34% of the worlds population
I'm just not good enough.







is life's emergency exit

Everybody has


But mine are on my skin

 I have a 100 problems
And 101 of them are because I'm bad at math
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