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Hey there guys,
I moved accounts...
so if you could go follow; SuperHero
or the link is in my profile...
Kthanks, Maddie xx

   Hey Directioners!  
you bored?                                                
well then...                                                 
1. Google - flawless homosexuals     
2. go to google images                           
3. laugh, because you know its true
                                                                                                                                do it

I reached 50 followers
I know thats not alot
but it means alot to me
thank you

my little sister,
who is 10,
has ACDC
on her iPod...




                                                    you are my sunshine

    my only sunshine 


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i was out playing
with my family,
i was dressed like crap
there was a cute guy behind us.

my mom and dad are lucky;
i don't sneak drugs and alcohol into my room...

i sneak food.
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One Day

I want to my parents to be proud of what I am instead of insulting my every move.


                what happens during my day;

we don't care about the tables braking!
               me: what was he doing on the tables?
               friend: you are so messed up.


I yell at my cat
because she is
interfearing with 
my witty time.
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