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Macy-Kaye Marie .
four-teen years .. young .
I'm a proud christian .
I have a boyfriend :]
If you're here to read my quotes .. well , I love you .


Quotes by MACEface

braced myself for the goodbye,
cause that's all i've ever known.
+ you took me by surprise;
you said i'll never leave you alone.


Last week a girl that usually cakes
on her makeup wore just mascara .
I had never seen her look so gorgeous
& I told her .

I will never forget the way her face lit up  [ ]

Every sixty seconds you spend upset,
is a minute of happiness
You'll Never Get Back .
older quote of mine, reposting.

I hope life isn't a Joke
Cause I don't get it .


reposting a little differently .
 "Everyone else was doing it ...
I just wanted to be popular"

Here comes the snow ... :)
... and my leg hair

That moment of panic
When you  realize you can't
hold it in anymore & you can
feel      tears      billowing    in
a   public  place  where   the
last   thing   you   want  is   to

Break down & cry

i love that feeling i get
When he looks at me  


And don't you worry you're pretty little mind .
•People throw ___ rocks ___•
at things that shine

 . Taylor Swift is Love .

You say you're a big deal?


Big Deal .