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Helllooo Pretty Girl! 


My name is Maria. I'm 14 years young and blow out those amazing candles on May 22! Single. I'm a freashmannn(: I love hanging out with my friends, they are the girls who have taught me how to dance in the storm even though there might be a chance of being struck by lightning! I have a decent amount of friends but I've had a group of amazing girls who I've known since preschool/kindergarten that are my closest friends! OHHH and the girls that I met in my seventh grade homeroom are probably just as close to me as my kindergarten/preschool group. You know who you are(; Plus my Kardashian girlies! Isn't it amazing how you can love something that you only discovered like a month ago? Well that's what the Kardashians are to me! All thanks to Emily and Jill(: LOVE YOU GUYS! I love dancing (going on my 8th year of dance and 4th year of pointe!), shopping, the beach, the city, my birthday, money and smiling. I'm pretty shy when I first meet someone but after we've talked for a while I can get as crazy as the next girl. I've heard that I give good advice so if you need any help or just want to talk leave me a comment and I'll try my best to help! Thanks for reading this! And remember always smile because you never know who is looking!


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Quotes by MCSDancer22


Those friends that act like
they would prefer just hanging out together♥

Without you

And isn't it amazing

how the things that you thought  

Yoneeded were what

hurt you the most? ♥




Life is like a boat
sometimes you just have to sink♥

To learn how to float

Whea kid in your class
makes a noise just 
l i k e t h e b e l l 

_.·´¯`·×»to see if 

e y    c a n t r i c k 
the teacher into letting
thclass out early


Getting A Sunburn

on your head 
and having

It hurt like crazy

when you brush your hair ♥



Looking at a test& thinking when did we learn this? 

And then realizing the question is worth

The most points


Those  weekends where
you just wear pajamas all day
{( throw  your hair into a ponytail)}
and eat whatever you want


That face
The birthday girl makes when she walks into her surprise birthday party


& + It's never too late to tell

someone how you feel                              



 That Horrible Feeling

of being replaced