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If you need to escape the dark",let me be your light
“And so they fought.
And so they laughed.
And before they knew it,
They were inseparable.” 
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Hacked by Moon's best friend

Yeah , I'm Moon's best friend *CoughRightMoon?Cough* and to my opinion , Moon is the awesomest friend I've ever seen. She is totally fun to talk to and OMG she is sooooooooooo pretty. I love her eyes ♥ She doesn't know she's beautiful :P
Why not go ahead and talk to her? but if you try to break us up , I'll break your face. So beware.
ILY Moon <3
Follow Moon or else *Evil face*

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Quotes by MoonAngel

The greatest strength is the ability to endure whatever life throws at us.

Be yourself. Being yourself means you do not:

- Make things up

- Create a fake image 

- Lie 

- Change for someone else 

Being yourself means:

- Accepting all your shortcomings

- Embracing all your other qualities


Holding back the tears
And moving on to tomorrow


I realise the screaming pain

Hearing loud in my brain

But I'm going straight ahead with the scar.


Grandmum : You should eat more.
Brother : Sorry gran , I think I'll just go upstairs , thank you
Grandmum : C'mon , just a small slice of  cake?
Brother : *Sigh* , No really I'm fine.
Grandmum : Well , if you say so. But you should learn things from your sister
 She eats everything that stands in her way and look at her!She looks so healthy.
Brother : You mean fat.
Grandmum : wot
Me : Oh?
Me : *Maliciously picks up knife*
Brother : 
Grandmum :
Dad :
Cat :
Dog :
Mum :
Goldfish :
Me : 
‚Äč *Cuts cake and continues eating*

*In my dream*
My crush : I love you.
Me : I lo-
Dream : Lol no *rapidly changes into battlefield*
Me : *Shoots crush with  sniper rifle*

Why ;-;

Dad : Meow
Me : Woof
Dad : Meow meow
Me : Woof Woof (>'.')>

idk maybe this runs in the family.

Somewhere is my seemingly broken and fragile heart 
                       Covered and hidden by words under the pretence of being strong

If you need to escape the dark ,
Let  me  be  your  light.


Your smile will always be beautiful
even if you hide your true self