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hello, fluffin' loves(:
The name's Carmen and I'm thirteen going on fourteen. My birthday is December 19th. I'm entering eighth grade at the WCMS.
I'm a very boring person, hahah. I'm horrible at taking pictures(; so whatever. And you know how they say the quiet ones are always the loudest? THAT'S ME! <3 hahah.
hmu sometime(:

when we were young - incomplete, current.

Well... I have to admit. I like Lady Gaga's Love Game and Just Dance better than her newer songs. In fact, I'm listening to Just Dance at the moment I wrote this. Well, it just ended but now I'm listening to That Girl by All Time Low. Current Obsessions, you ask? Hmm... Teen Wolf and Switched at Birth. DEFINITELY! I want to be an author or a marine biologist when I get olderr. (OR BOTH!) I'm not a reality show person. I love So You Think You Can Dance, though. It's pretty amazing. Anything else? I thhink not.
Check out wittywriters_collabx5, that's my, Erin, & Alexa's collaboration. Check our stories out(::::

Ooh, and look at my other profile whch is strictly stories: crossyourfingers.
I'm writing a fantasy story called Behind Yellow Eyes

FLUFFIN', sorry, I had to exclaim that because.. well, I'm listening to Midnight Beast, first Booty Call, then Lez Be Friends, then All Time Low Parody and one of them says "so fluffin' average" and.. hahah, I gotta say it now.

I'm too lazy to write anything else right now, so just be patient!

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The song Alyssa Lies is about child abuse.
It means that his daughter in the song met a friend named Alyssa at school, who gets abused. But then, at the end of the song, Alyssa doesn't lie. She has been killed by her parents' abuse.

It kills children everywhere.

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Since everyone keeps asking me this;

the song on my profile is
A Rocket To The Moon's
Like We Used To.


shut your eyes,
and sing to me.

n m f   


Lonely Road

Endless walking,
a promise
never fulfilled.
without a name.
Purpose is,
And yet I walk

**This is not my poem. It is a friend's, and I will post more of her poems.**


It's an odd little word, isn't it? It's so small, yet it means so much. It can be expressed in many different ways, many different languages, between many different people. Is it blind? Where does it come from? Can everyone express it? So many questions we have about love go unanswered. Love can bring pain and sorrow, but it can also bring joy and happiness. It happens all around you. 



Love. Its an odd word, isn't it?
It's so little, yet it means so much.



He lies.
[] [] [] [] [] []
She cries.

Hwe H

I once was a dreamer.
And you were always in my dreams.

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