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Hi, I'm Olivia.
I never know what to put for these things, but here goes nothing. I'm 14, I love music. I love Tumblr, piano, socks that don't match, rain, Sarah Dessen books, watermelon bubble gum, cute relationships, Ed Sheeran, going to the beach, cool headphones, anything that smells like strawberry, and purple paint. So.. yeah. Comment & we can be best friends forever and ever?<3
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Quotes by karatekid7892



             me: party at my house everyone bring your laptops


no. go away.


              *started high school today*

              everyone: omg i love high school this is great lolz;*
              me: ...can I just get pregnant and drop out?


              me halfway through anything: i don't want to do this anymore


b u t  m a y e   e  n g  r  a  f a l e,   t o o . 


              me two years ago: must like every facebook page
              me now: must unlike every facebook page


» i f you ever loved somebody  
put your hands up,  [n o w   t h e y ' r e     g o n e ]   and  you're wishing you could give them |||||||+


I clicked on the vent category and it brought me to an Amazon page where I could buy a diary..

Well played, Steve.


fine whatever i'll just date myself.



i s { S U P E R - D U P E R }   C U T E ,   A N D