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Hi, my name is Katie
I'm 17 and a senior. I cheer and dance.
My dream is to surf with Alana Blanchard.
And I want to be a mermaid.

Hey guys! Could anyone please watch this video??
It's  a dance from my teams last competition!
(i'm the blonde one who starts on the left)



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spence* 5 years ago
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where did you go
Ellmo 5 years ago
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ahhhh holy smokes I haven't been on here in FOREVER! but how have you been? i actually forgot what witty looked like. I guess thats what stupid school does to you, huh? well anyways…tell me EVERYTHING thats happened in your life! :) haha
spence* 5 years ago
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I miss you ):
desperado* 6 years ago
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This is funny
A girl I swim with is going to ASU
I'm not an Arizona girl. Been there, didn't like it, I really wanna go to UHawaii! I love Hawaii. I travel there a lot to surf so hopefully I can go.
Jessica* 6 years ago
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Aw good!(:
*Pierre-Auguste* 6 years ago
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We only recently started having proms in France, well in my school anyway!
Oh, right - I can get why you wanna change it,
but the one you have now is so cute!
I know just what you mean, it sucks so much when that happens!
Oh, cool! What kind of dance do you do? I do ballet :)
spence* 6 years ago
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well. hmm maybe spend time a little with him
and just don't try to be like less than a couple/more than friends station cause
it will probs s/ck if you two were in like that kind of relationship
[deleted] 6 years ago
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you're welcome. c:
Hey, Katie! I'm Bryn <3
Nothing really. but this lyt is so perfect omg