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The less you care, the happier you will be.

Quotes by addy*

lie to me. tell me its real.
and im suppose to walk by you like everythings great
like everythings fine
im suppose to walk by you like i dont spend every minute
wishing you were mine

 and im suppose to move on
leave us in the past
im suppose to pretend i was never promised
a love that would last 

and im suppose to keep my eyes from meeting yours, 
cause everytime they do
they take me back to your door

she took his hand and closed her eyes
i just wish that our "forever" would've lasted a little longer
Let's do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things.
she sat there, on the park bench where they had first met. she had no idea that this stranger would one day mean so much to her. he had light brown hair, deep hazel eyes, and dimples to compliment his smile. freckles layed upon his cheeks like stars on a night sky. he was the kinda guy you dream about. boy, did she dream about him. she caught herself scribbling his name on her assignments and taking the long way to class just to catch a glimpse of him. wasn't long before he introduced himself. that first dangerous, heartbreaking hello.
wishing i was better with words
do it anyway

she stood still
but mascara ran down her face
she fell to her knees
as her heart picked up the pace
she screamed "just go"
but she wanted him to stay