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im stephanie ♥
im not new to witty i use to come on alot alooong time ago and just recently fell in love with it again
im 17 i love lana del rey, ed sheerman and the weekend
i love life even though sometimes i feel life dosent love me i just made that up (:
and if anyone wants to talk im here for you♥
and i want to be 17 forever dose anyone know how i can do that? (: 

Quotes by ohdarlingsteph

today three years ago in Hermosillo Sonora Mexico the abc day care burned down,
49 precious babies lives were tooken away because of the fire
may those beautiful babies rest in paradise you will never be forgotten

they said love was in the air so i held my breath untill my face turned purple

getting sick in the summer is like getting a tan in the winter useless


once you hate someone everything they do is offensive.  "look at this b*tch eathing thouse f*cking crackers like she owns the place."

it’s all about where you going no matter where you’ve been let's goo♥

that akward moment when you push send and you didnt finish you sentance

oh yeaaah done with school hello summer :D

lock the doors cause id like to capture this voice that came to me tonight 

looking back at an emberacing moment but at the time you didnt think it was embarrassing and think omfg im such a idiot...

its 110° outside.. im inside wraped
in a blanket with the ac on full blast (: