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hi there ♥
this is laziness c:\\\
=^-^= follow me? you cool. :3

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i am willing to trade for an account, but my friend who passed hers down to me isn't that great. there's a few accounts i am willing to trade. I really need a free account. I am HOPING SO MUCH that it is kind of older, perhaps 2010 ? (later is okay, too!) up to 2012 or 2013 if needed, but It's really important for my friend & I.

We've been bullied and need to move accounts.
it's also helping out my younger sister ((:
i love stardoll, so if you have a free account please PLEASE let me know! ASAP!
yeah, so my username is simply just "poprocker"
people insist that it's supposed to be about pop music and rock music.

nope, i just like poprocks. the candy,
so yeah.. :x
i have no friends.
this is me

"Drop it like it's hoooot!"

me getting a hotpocket : don't drop it like it's hot, don't drop it like it's hot, *crosses fingers* 

remember when we used to want EVERYTHING in this font because we thought it was cute and like actual hand-writing?
if you said no, you are lying.
Before you decide to go off on somebody online and type something that could hurt their feelings or lead to depression and sadness, think first -

They aren't just a collection of pixels. There's a human being behind that computer, unless you are Stan from Dog with a Blog, but highly chance you aren't a dog.

seriously. words hurt.

#stopcyberbullying #takeastand

- poprocker ♣
is it even possible to "melt" a 'feather lamp'? I'm so confused.. I've babysat for these three kids, - Emmalynn, Jasmine, and Aiden. Aiden came in the room with a feather on his shirt and said, "You are taking French class, in school, right?" ( I am ) and he began to say.. "How do I tell my mom in French, that I melted her feather lamp. 'cause I am for sure not telling her in English!"

duuuuuude. this kid is nine. 

what's a feather lamp? ._.
i promise you if we are best friends and go to a hotel together, we will secretly go riding on the hotel's luggage carts, just like Zack&Cody. ♥
today I was surprised when I heard my dad shouting, "Let it go! Let it go!" so I figured he'd been listening to my younger sisters& I watching the movie 'Frozen' far too much, but then as I walked down the hall I realized he was in the bathroom.. I'm horrified.
i'm a boss @$$ fish, fish , fish glub glub glub glub.