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Hey there! (:
The names meghan allanah.
14 years young,
guitar & singing,
& crush
My life.
Hmu if needed to know more.
Deuces. :D

Quotes by x69WooHooBar69x

Don't fight it.
or deny it.

i n v t e i t .

because days come & go.
but my feelings for you,
a r e f o r e v e r .

& then you woke up..

you don't have to like me.
im not a facebook status

life is a song.
s s i n g  i t .

am i the only one.
who loves Call of Duty.

more than a guy.

You're like: 
that 2 tic-tacs that get stuck in the cap. 
i c a n ' t g e t y o u.

it sucks..
knowing you love someone, that deffinatley feels differently.

  when its right in front of your face.