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Hello Pretty! I'm Cassie and i was born on November 11th. I'm a
freshman.  I love to cheer and hangout with my friends. My best friends are;
Clare Michelle Walter, Amber Lynn Muller, Julia Irene Llwellyn,
Erin Elizabeth Angotta, & Dana Lynne Drywa~*
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That awkward moment,
when Im drunk and you're still ugly.


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when you grow a pair
  you can call me back ;)



Its sad how quickly people can
forget about you, until they
want something from you.


Love is not what the mind thinks,
but what the heart feels.

My theory is that maybe,if i keep

my distance, you'll start to miss

me. But so far, we're just growing

farther apart.


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Its not being in love that
makes me happy. Its being in love with you,
that makes me happy.

No measure of time with you will
be long enough, but we'll start with forever.


I will stop loving you when the
mute guy tells the deaf guy that
the blind guy saw a legless man walk
on water, yeah that means never.

I would travel the world to

reach your heart if i knew it was mine when i got there.