Quotes added on Thursday, August 3 2006

late at night when all the world is sleeping
ill stay up and think of you
and i wish on a star
that somewhere you are
thinking of me too<3

[make it look cute]
i'm tried of everyone
telling me its just a young love
their is no guy out there who
will ever make me feel like he does
when im with him<333

make it cute(:
you`re pulling the trigger
A L L . W R O N G . x l 3

in love with shopping <33
straight A's in Fashion
100% ORiGiNAL
talk 4 fun =)
[break all the rules]
born to shop
[but totally broke]
john: i put my whole heart into everything
kate: that sounds like a good way to get it broken

--john tucker must die
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