Quotes added on Monday, February 8 2010

she says
"i'm fine"
as   she   tries   to
smile through her
  t e a r s

I Love You !
Too Bad you'll Never Know...

All mine ! Don't Jock !


 in my world
eats rainbows
& poops
    butterflies <3

Th eguy whoi nv entedmilk;
 ... what was he doing with that cow?

no really 
im wayy over youu (:
 "Today, I was on this date with a girl.
I attempted to put my arm around her
but i elbowed her in the face."
isnt it justt
how he breaks up withh youu .. and when you finally start to movee on, he realises this; andd insistss that you shouldnt and you should be with him?!
hahaha .
babee please // stop fooling yourself , theres no way in hell your getting me back (:
&& we're the type of girls who pretend to be people in movies,
and only talk to each other in tarded voices,
and live off of chicken and pepsi ,
and who can't go through a sentance without saying that's what she said,
and who talk with extreme maine accents for the fun of it,
and who walk around walmart for no reason,
and spend forever hanging out, even though we fight sometimes.
we're the type of girls who are best friend<3

jock if you want, i mean i can't stop youuu ! clicking the heart would make my day though<3
Have you ever not talked to someone
for so long, and then you get up the nerve
to talk to them and you get that wonderful happy butterfly feeling,
and you just feel amazing
because you just missed the sound of their voice
or just knowing the words on that text were from them.?
'Cause i know i did tonight(:

sorry this sucks,
i havn't made a
quote in FOREVER.!
►I try to stay busy all day
to get my mind off of you.
But when all is said and done,
and the lights go off at night
and I lay my head down to rest---
you're the last thing I think about
before I

d  r  e  a  .

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