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heres to the boy  i hurt,
his name was evan. he was a real good friend of mine and we both knew something was there...was. but today, we no longer speak to eachother..the little talking we do is just yelling.  we always said we would work things out and last..well dont believe a thing your told. even though i didnt make any effort to fix things, neither did he. and that showed me not only did i hurt him, he hurt me too. i may not have cared, but it was there in the  open.. so evan, if your out there reading this... just forgive me.. please?
-from the girl you hurt

((read purple letters))
Why did god make guys lives so easy??? Us ladies,  we live in hell!!!
We have to get our periods
We have to get pregnant
We have to deal with bitchy friends
we are seen as less powerful

So why did god make guys lives so much easier?!?!?!??!
What god got agenst the ladiessss!?!?!?!

&+ It makes absouletly no sence ;;
 How badly my heart wants                                                                                                            to belong to [( y o u )] again .
But in my thoughts I h a t e                                                                                                  you more than anyone .
I want absolutely nothing to do with you; my mind is telling me to ignore you, to hope you dont look at me.
My mind wants to forget you, & everytime you try to apologize or write me sobby 'I'm sorry' notes, to just
--> remind <-- you that I hate you. But in my ::. heart .:: I have to be with you, I need to only be yours. What am I
supposed to do if my heart needs you, my mind hates you, & I can't trust you <\\3
I Don't Get It

they all say that i'm a heart-breaker. that i'm as bad as any guy.
i don't try to break them, though. but i still do. and they still
come back afterwards to tell me that. i'm so confused
about it. it just drives me insane. they all say i am
amazingly perfect. that i am beautiful and all
that crap. truth is that i am completely
average. i don't have any amazing
or great talents. i am not even
that pretty. i get easily worried and
can get very, very annoying. i am lazy to
no end. i am not the kind of person that you
see on the streets and do a double take. yet, all
of them say that i break hearts. do i know why or how?
nope. not a clue. they say i hurt them. a lot. but still want to
be friends. they say they hope that, someday, we can be more
again. i'm not perfect, and i know it. why don't they understand that?

Just Don't Get It

major vent. i got lazy(:
clicky the little heart
to make my day!
some times i wanna JUST DANCE  and when i DANCE IN THE DARK  im thinking about that PAPARAZZI filming that BAD ROMANCE  with ALEJANDRO and then i will be SPEECHLESS  because that boy is a MONSTER  living in THE FAME and playing a LOVE GAME but he cant read my POKERFACE and shell   beSTARSTRUCK forever but im SO HAPPY I COULD DIE  because I'm BEAUTIFUL , DIRTY, RICH But do not bother calling my TELEPHONE  but i dont mind seeing your TEETH and out of all of those BOYS BOYS BOYS i like the SUMMER BOY dont be a PAPER GANGSTA just give me my MONEY HONEY eh,eh and shut those BROWN EYES!

                                                                                                         Made 100% by me
( Yes I love GaGa)
Kayla <3
All the girls i know
think the guys
have // it // easy.
( i dont believe them )
i really hope im right about this.*
TheBiggestMistakeOf HerYoungLi fe;
w   a   s      g  i  v  i   n  g      h  e  r      e  x      -     b  o  y  f  r  i  e  n  d 

|t h e / u r l / a d r e s s / t o / h e r / w i t t y / p r o f i l e s / a c c o u t|
i look
so good
 without you.

damn straighttt
My wish is finally coming true

i may have you back in my arms
i just hope this isnt ganna pass
that these feelings are ganna stay
cause mine have been here since
day one.

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