Quotes added on Friday, January 23 2015

What is love..

"Just so you know, I still care. We may not have spoken to each other in a while, but that doesn't mean if my phone lit up with your name tonight, my heart wouldn't skip a beat like it used to. It would."
"I automatically stop trying when I feel unwanted. I won't reach out to you if it's not being reciprocated. I don't beg."
What you need to understand is that when i say I don't care, deep down,
like really deep down...
I still don't care.

marry someone who has a different
favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs


*pulls up to mcdonalds drive thru*
hey…..it’s me again


*choking back tears*
wanna fight?


things me and my laptop have in common:
- slow
- difficult to wake up from sleep
- struggles to complete basic tasks


just in case people needed some perspective as to how much a billion actually is:
1 million seconds is just over a week and a half
1 billion seconds is about 35 years

my goal in life is to always
look better than the girl that hates me

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