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Write the first thing that comes to mind. 01 Hello: hiiiii!!

Write the first thing that comes to mind. 
01 Hello: hiiiii!!
02 Love: <3nigel<3
03 Cow: milk
04 Peace: peace sign
05 Sky: blue
06 Mr. big: ma dad
07 Horror: scary maze game gurl

Answer with only one word.
01 You are a: gurl
02 You drink: srite
03 Your first kiss: nevr
04 Where are you: home
05 You like: boys
06 Hate is: harsh
07 Love is: challenging
08 You dream of: love
09 You can’t spell: anything
10 Your favorite color is: purple

Answer either true or false. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: true
02 You would kiss someone for $10: true. 
03 You’re addicted to facebook: false
04 You’re addicted to notes: true
05 Pink looks nice on guy?: true.
06 You can’t keep a secret: false.
07 You have (a) sibling(s): true
08 You know what an asterisk is: false.
09 You dye your hair: false.

Write the first thing each color makes you think of.
01 Red: heart
02 Green: apple
03 Teal: shoes
04 Maroon: maroon 5
05 Silver: jewelry.
06 Brown: hair
07 White: weddings
08 Peachy: "just peachy"
09 Yellow: sun
10 Purple: my favorite color(:

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