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My family, friends, reading, talking, the internet, surrealism, graffiti, laughing so hard your face hurts, getting so caught up in a conversation that you forget about everything and everyone else in the world, and baking are some of my favorite things.

"If I am not free to believe, there is no value to my belief."- Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im


Quotes by AnInsecureGirl

Take a shower
Shine your shoes
You got no time to lose

Every street you walk on,

I leave tear stains on the ground.

Don’t try to change yourself for others.

Change yourself for you.

Of course you change and sometimes you can’t be your old self, but if you change that means you are living life. That means you are learning lessons and growing older. 
It’s pretty scary how people think that in order to be
 happy, they need to prove it to the world when they
only need to prove it to themselves.
I remember smiling a lot, because I didn’t want people to find out. I knew that if I talked about it, I’d just start crying.
I figured that if it looked like it didn’t affect me, then the mean comments wouldn’t hurt. Then people wouldn’t try to tear me down.
"And then she goes out the door and as she was coming out I went, "brat," under my breath, but I would never say brat. If you would think of a four letter word, wouldn't it be better than brat? Really."
-Amy Winehouse
"The Crystals had a song called "He hit me and it felt like a kiss".
Like, that's messed up.
It's only a certain percent of people that would understand what that's about.

Most people would be like, "How dare you promote domestic violence!"
But to me, I'm like, "I know what you mean. I know exactly what you mean."

-Amy Winehouse
And the haughty comments that haunted her throughout the day prevailed as she toppled down
 to the cold hard ground.

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