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Bianca c; , 14 , nice , loves giving advice , i think everyones beautiful in there own way ♥ , freshman ^.^ , single :b , Wanna know more hmu ? :DD

Quotes by BiiancaLovee

Having a rough day ? Place your hand over your heart . Feel that ? That's called purpose . Your alive for a reason . Don't give up .
Maybe You Should Think Twice Before…
You Call Me UGLY ..
Call Me FAT ..
And Even Say You HATE Me ..
Because Words Do Hurt ..
A lot ..
Dreams Do come True,
Just try not to be too disapointed
if they don't.

& I didn't mean to fall in love, but i did.
& you didn't mean to love me back, but you did.

How Many People Can’t Live With Out Music?

Cliick The if You Cant


Nemo, Is Such a Rebel. He touched the butt.
If you don’t dream big
What’s the use of dreaming?
If you don’t have faith
Theres nothing worth believing

I love those nights

where you're with your bestfriend,
laughing so hard for no reason,
watching movies and not caring about

what's currently happening in yourlife.
And just being happy