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Names Madeline, I love one direction. they're simply perfect. KylahIsADirectioner is simply amazing, and my sister. I have a few accounts, besame13 being my most used. I love each one of you, even if we've never spoken. I would love to make some new friends, but I'm super socially awkward and terrible at making the first move to getting a friend. I'm super insecure, I'm so underweight I get called terrible things.. some by my good friends. I have an ugly nose and my eyes are disguesting. I have an amazing boyfriend, John, who gets me ice cream and watches Titanic with me when I'm on my period. He's just perfect. I would love to make some friends on this lovely site, so chat with me, yeah? (:

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[deleted] 9 years ago on quote #6110483
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A relationship should be based on trust. I know he's been cheated on before, but that's no excuse not to trust you to talk to your guy friends since you're not that girl who cheated on him. Just let him know that he can trust you and that you would never cheat on him. It would suck that your relationship ended when you haven't done anything wrong. I hope this helps. :3
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GirlyGianna 9 years ago on quote #6110483
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Get Him To Hang Out With Some Girls To Show Him That You Can Just Be Friends With The Opposite Gender. Hope This Helped :P
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