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Hey there beautiful, I'm Nicole.
I'm 13,   and I'll be attending eighth
grade this fall.    I'm from a smallish
town,      but I'm a city girl at heart.
It's really easy to make me happy,
but  it's  even easier  to  make  me
upset. Chocolate milk is my drug. I
live for summer.     SillyBandz are
beast,   especially the glow in the
dark unicorn.     I love music and 
going to concerts.      I like proper
grammar. I'm an academic genius
but I have no common sense. I'm
stupidly simple & overwhelmingly
complicated,      and I don't make 
sense. Talk to me? I don't bite. :D
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Quotes by nicolelovesyou1234

this is how you do dis.

Going Strong ♥
credit to NicoleJanine_                                                                             

its the first kiss , its flawless , really somethin'

guys are like artichokes
its impossible to _*

find the heart </3
-- katy perry
will you just [ hold me ] tight
a n d  n e v e r  l e t  m e  g o  ?
i know this whole things wrong

but baby we're invincible <3 *
damn can ya feel it ?
damn i cant believe it .

& the stars fell out of the sky
& my tears rolled into the ocean
now im looking for a reason why


- black and gold 

im lucky im in love with my best friend
lucky to have been where i have been

 lucky tbcominn*

lucky ; jason mraz & colbie caillat

you are the reason that 
you are the reason that

jai ho ; pussycat dolls

i gotta be feelin ya energy
i gotta be for sure that ya

---------> intm*