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blOnDe suRfeR chiCk FlORidIan GurLIe! --> Yeah!

Quotes by xosurferchickxo

h0me iis where y0ur *HeArT* iiS_x0
Sunshiine . Summer Time . sun tan . driink iin hand . having fun . iin the sun ! summer 05` iis alm0st here*
iF yOu LoVe Me [ say it ]
iF yOu TrUsT mE [ do it ]
iF yOu WaNt Me [ show it ]
CaNt LiVe WiThOuT mE? [ prove it ]
wouldn`t life be [*w o n d e r f u l*] if sweatpantsz were sexy. . monday morningSz were fun, if junk food had no calories.. all kisses were magical.* life was alwaySz worth living for `nd l o v e d i d n ` t .:* h u r t *:.
when iim wiith y0u, iits liike n0thiing else m a t t e r s*
ii w0nder iif ii ever cr0ss y0ur miind wen s0me0ne says *true l0ve*
ii d0nt miiss hiim ... ii miiss wh0 ii th0ught he was . ox
ii want a guy wh0 can call me [beautiiful] iinstead 0f h0t*
x0_l0ve takes tiime..ii thiink ii`ll speed up my watch a liittle_0x
iif the 0nly way ii can be wiith y0u iis iin my dreams* then ii`ll sleep f 0 r e v e r