Quotes added on Friday, April 8 2005

I'll let u flip my flipper if u let me unzip ur zipper!;-D
WANTED: playmate 4 single babygurl!
u stuck ur hand thru my chest n stole my heart,then turnd round n gave her urs...
RuFf EnDsZ iF i WaS tHe OnE <3

i sEe ThE wAy He TrEaTs YoU
I fEeL tHe TeArS yOu CrY*..
aNd iT mAkEs Me SaD.& iT <3
MaKeSz Me MaDd. ThErEsZ nO-
tHiNg I kAn Do BaBy

cAuSe YoUr LoVeR iS mY bEsT fRiEnD
aNd I gUeSs ThAtS wErE tHe StOrY*..
eNdsZ. sO iVe gOtAh TrY. To KeEp It
iNsIdE., yOu'Ll nEvEr Be. NeVeR bE*
MiNe -<|3

bUt If I wAs ThE oNe WhO wAS LoViNg
YoU bAbY tHe OnLy TeArS YoU'd CrY*/
wOuLd Be TeArS oF jOy. AnD iF i WaS
bY yOuR sIdE .YoU'd NeVeR kNo OnE .
LoNeLy NiGhT*

aNd If It WaS mY aRmS yOu WeRe RuNnInG tO
iD gIve YoU lOvE iN tHeSe ArMs Of MiNe,If
I wAs ThE oNe In yOuR lIfE<3

If I cOuLd HaVe JuSt OnE wIsH
Id WiSh ThAt YoU wErE mInE.I
wOuLd hOlD yOu NeAr kIsS aWeY
tHoSe tEaRs Id Be So GoOd tO
yOu bAbY*

YoUrE tHe OnE I wAnT nExT tO mE
BuT I gUeSz ThAtS jUsT nOt MenT
tO bE hEs ThErE In yOuR lIfE aNd
hEsZ sHaRiNg yOuR nIgHtS. yOu <3
wIlL neVeR bE NeVeR bE rIgHt

I wAnA rEaCh OuT aNd FeEl YoU
bEsIdE mE RiGhT hErE bEsIdE mE
bAbE. TakE yOu In My ArMs RiGhT
nOw// sCrEaM // i LoVe YoU rIgHt
OuT lOuD

sOmEdAY i PrAy ThAt IlL fInD tHe StReNgTh
tO tUrN tO YoU And SeY
My heart is in oVerr drive and yoOur behind the sTeering wheel.

*The Darkness

Whatever we do,
They call us crazy
Just promise me
and Never let go.

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`Helpen My Mommy with DinNer Tonight..Then gOin Out fOr iCeCreaM Yummmm!

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all i need from you an me
all i want from this family
all i can think aobut is my freedom
leaving this hell-ish place.
wishing myself away
being absent from this evil aways
these demonic ways of living
all i need is to be gone
all i want is to be dead
all i can think about is going away
leaving this hell-ish place
wishing every one away
being gone from these demonic people
all i need is a blade
all i want is a bed
all i can think about is resting six feet deep
leaving this world.
wishing never worked
being gone is my dream an six feet deep is my final bed.
all i needed was for some one to be there
all i wanted was a friend
all i can think about is there is no happy end...

                 ¸,¸,  ¸,.,¸  ¸,.,¸    ¸,..,¸    
                ;   ;  ;    ;  ;    ; ;’       `.          
                ;   ;  ;    ;..;    ; `·’`’·  .,’
                ;   ;  ;            ;    ·:’  ·:.
                ;   ;   `’`’`’;    ;      `.   ’;   
                ;.,.;          ;,.,.;   ;’`·’  ¸.'
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