Quotes added on Saturday, May 7 2005

If I Could Have One Dance Forever......Then I'd Take You By The Hand..*
i`ve cared f0r al0t 0f pe0ple
but never like this bef0re ..
it`s sumthing ab0ut y0u, even
th0ugh y0u d0n`t like me, and
give me the w0rst l0oks ever,
and treat me like i`m n0thing
i l0ve y0u m0re than anything
h0w can iit be.. that t0 the
pers0n wh0`s y0ur everything
y0u`re just.. n 0 t h i n g?
i kn0w it`s all my fault ..
ii cry f0r n0o reas0n.. and
blame y0u..but baby i d0n`t
think y0u understand .. h0w
much.. i l0ve y0u
when y0u left ii l0st
[ a part of mE ]
it`s still s0 hard t0
. B e L i E v E .
c0me back baby please
`cause we bel0ng
. t 0 g E t H e R .
wh0 else am ii g0nna
lean 0n when tymz get
R 0 U G H ??
wh0`s g0nna talk t0
me 0n the ph0ne till
T h e S u n C o m e s
wh0`s g0nna take y0ur
place.. there aint n0
b0dy better..0h baby,
baby .. we bel0ng
T o G e T h E r
Sunshiine . Summer Time . sun tan . driink iin hand . having fun . iin the sun ! summer 05` iis alm0st here*
y0u`re t0o smart..y0u`re
s0o mean .. y0u act s0o
selfish and rude .. y0ur
l0oks that y0u give me
abs0lutly kill me .. y0u
d0n`t like me..y0u`re s0
fake.. and the sad part,
is that i still l0ve y0u
your heart [<3] was one of a kind
*;.iIm LiEiNg To YoU wHeN i SmIlE [xO]
this fragile thing is so broken <3
yet you have no idea
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