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you're so [txoxgxextxhxexrY]
   you dont need me to keep you that way...
    but you're my
glue without you 
       i'd be nothing but 
broken pieces;
completely useless
♥\\ u n t i l  b e i n g  s t r o n g  i s  y o u r  o n l y  c h o i c e //♥

I have to say this goodbye,
more den i've said hello.
and while i say this goodbye,
i want you to remember
all the good times we had.
but realize that there is no
more me & you.
Just move on,
cause i'm not goin baqk.
and i'm tellin you to juss forget about me
cause i'm done with you.
but listen,
the trick is to reconize
a good goodbye when you
hear one.

please  & thanx.

you worried about

I  don't  want  to  fall  asleep;;
and then wake up to have my
d r e a m s   s h a t t e r e d   b y
- - - >>reality.
Bea and Jonah are not going to have a friendship like other people have a friendship, where it's all based on gossip and parties, and what everyone else thinks. Instead, their friendship comes from truth-bound conversations, shared secrets, daring stunts, and late-night calls to the same old-timer radio show. They help each other and hurt each other, push away and hold close. It's not romance, exactly - but it's definitely love. And it means more to them than either one can ever really know...

from the inside cover of
How To Say Goodbye In Robot
by Natalie Standiford

You may be the one that hurt me the most..
but thats just because i fell hard for you,
i fell in love with you.
and the sad thing is.. Im still not over you,
 After all you put me through..
i still feel the same way i felt 6 months ago.



spread your wings and

*for Mia V...inspired by Kelly
 & its funny how people feel safer when others are around them
when really those people are the reasons they shouldn't feel safe
&& i'm waiting for you online...

just a simple "hey" (you know how much that means to me?)

but you never do... [you know how much that hurts me?]

but i'll keep on waiting.... {even though i know you won't]

&& i'm [still] waiting for you online...
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