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She likehim. Hlikes her.
it's obvious to everyone, except them.


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A candle loses nothing by lightening another candle. 
One Direction Update
Hey guys! Not too totally much to update on tonight! The boys had the day off! I believe Liam and Niall are already in Chicago. Niall spent the whole day in bed watching tennis according to his tweets. (Perhaps they'll go out for Liam's birthday?) Zayn and Louis were in Rosemont. And Harry went to a Packers game in Wisconsin!

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys are hitting the stage in Chicago at Soldier Field! It better be a special one, you know not that it's anyone's birthday or anything!

Rumors: None

Links: Harry today at the game: 
Louis and a fan today: http://t.co/53gyzHaCBF

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There has come a point in my life when I am no longer looking for a reason to live.

I'm looking for an excuse to not.
if only you could just smack a button that follows anyone who was actually nice enough to fav any of your 20000000000000000000000 crummy quotes.

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When you're sitting on the couch, counting the stars, and it suddenly hits you....
Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. 
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