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Hi there, I'm Ashleigh. Not Ashley, Ashleigh.
I'm 17 years old and yessir live in California.
I absolutely love poetry & playing the piano.
Coffee, winter, sweaters, boots, scarves =
As you can tell, I hate summer oh so  much.
It's the only downside of residing in California.
I love various kinds of music,  mainly bands.
Rise Against has got to be my favorite band.
I love taking pictures of well,  anything really.

Ask me questions. I'll be glad to answer. Bai.
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Quotes by Cali4nia

If i lay here 
would you
lie with
me &just

w    o    r    l    d    ?

Sure, 12/12/12 happens once in a lifetime.
Calm yourselves though, everyday happens once in a lifetime.

jhsfdlkjhkjdfhsd. OBAMA JUST WON!!!


RIP to the 12 victims who died in Aurora, Colorado last night, including a 3 month old baby. Keep their families in prayer and let this be an eye opener for you to appreciate what you have because it can all end at any second.

The best things in life are unseen,

That's why we close our eyes when

we cry, kiss, and dream.

That awkward moment when Witty tells me that "1 people" favorited my quote.
Girl on Witty: *Makes her OWN meaningful quotes about life and what it means to her, works hours and hours on her OWN quotes and OWN formats to make it all perfect, ends up getting 2 faves. Has had a witty for 3 years and has 4 followers.*
"Guy" on Witty who's most likely a girl using a fake pic: *Uploads a picture of a shirtless guy with abs and nice hair, claims "he's" 16 years old, picks a cute name like Jake, Josh, Dylan, Cole, Jared, Kyle, etc. and steals someone else's format, makes a quote saying "You're beautiful" and gets 2000 faves. Has had a witty for 3 days and has 400 followers.*

. . . Really Witty? And no, I'm not hating. Hate on me all you want, I can really care less what you say about me. I'm just stating the facts. I'm not saying ALL guys on witty are fake, but from what I actually have PROOF of, some girls have actually created fake profiles of guys and have stolen pictures from guys. What has happened to Witty? I even saw this girl commenting on this "guy's" witty saying their number and "text me" without even knowing "him." Jesus. Girls, you don't need a guy to make a quote saying "you're beautiful" to know it. You should already know it. This also implies if it's a real guy making the quote. The fake guy profiles have always been around, but more recently has it been going on way too often. JUST STOP. Seriously. Where has all the originality gone to?
Let's leave no words unspoken and save regrets for the broken. --- rise aganst

Don't say goodbye
because goodbye means leaving
and going away means forgetting.

-Peter Pan