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found myself at your door

just like all those times before
I always feel awkward writing in these.Well anyways I'm Sarah. I'm brutally honest, probably why most people don't like me. I play the piano and guitar. My favorite bands are Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday. I do some photography in my spare time.I'm a diehard mainaaah. Soccer and Harry Potter are my obsession.Peace Bro.XOXO.My Tumblr Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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(•_•) /
<)  )      Fergalicious
  /   \

\ (•_•)
   (  (>      Definition
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<)  )>  Make them boys
  /   \    go loco

nmq Have you ever noticed when two girls fight they always use smiley faces after they threaten someone? like:
"I am going to punch your face in :)"
Are you Jamaican?
Because you're Jamaican me wanna drown you.
I have unlimited texting and I only text 3 people ever I think my phone company looks at my bill and just laughs.
I remember when JB meant Jonas Brothers
not Justin Beiber.

And you're just another picture to burn
nmq burn, burn, burn, baby burn.

Rosalie"So  Bella,  if  you're  from  Arizonia why  are  you  so  white?"

Edward:"god  Rosalie  you  can't  just  ask people  why  they're  white"


And it's fine by me
nmq If  you never leave.

Santas seen your facebook pictures. You're getting clothes for Christmas.

Other people flirting: Hey, do you wanna go out tonight? ;)
Me flirting: you like pickles?