Quotes added on Thursday, March 11 2004

One day, u think yOur perfect
One day, u think yOur kewl
One day, yOo think yOur smart
i felt this until the day you brOke mii heart
ReMeMbEr mY nAmE * ReMeMbEr My FaCe * CuZ tHeRe AiNt nO oThA hOnEy ThAt CaN tAkE mY pLaCe

xoxo smartz~
*Good Friends will laugh with you in the sun, but great friends will be there for you in the shade*

xoxo smartz~
volleyball........it rocks!

xoxo smartz~
Why am I always the one? The one who screws things up. The one whose gotta be so annoyin? Why am I the one Lord? Why? I love her so much and so she use to but now i feel i cant get a feelin from her atleast showin a lil affection. I love her to death, id kill myself for her, and she, she could care less bout wut id do or think. If i were to say I love u but I gotta go now im gunna die, all shed say is thats nice dear. I love her w/ my all Lord cant you see? I thot u sed she was an angel meant to be? You sent her from the heavens above to be my perfect lil angel. We were the best of friends and now I feel I cant get her to notice me. Why Lord why am I always the one?
- ->With you
..I can let my hair down..
..I can say anything crazy..
..I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground..
..With nothing but a T-shirt on..
..I never felt so beautiful..
..Baby as I do now..
- ->baby as I do now
Now that I'm...
- ->with you
away at the moment.... if u need me call the house
x o x o
ur name
-->> upstairs
*your number here
x o x o
ur name
i thought u would always be there for me. i thought wrong..
i thought u always wanted to be friends. but i thought wrong
i thought you would never leave my side when times were rough..but i thought wrong
i never thought u would stab me in the back..but i thought wrong
i wish we could still be friends. but where i stand i tink my wish will never come tru
you said you would
- >`always love me
you said you would
- - `*.always care
i guess true love,
`.isnt really fair
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