Quotes added on Saturday, February 25 2006

I am away....yes I no it's very sad that I cant talk to u now but to tell the truth I really don't want to!!
guys may leave u and break your heart
you may feel like you're torn apart

people may start rumors about you
the most horrible ones too

but true friends will get you through everything and anything in your life<333 love you guys
The most beautiful thing in life is love. && Though you might end up
hurt in the end, what you had before is worth the heartbreak. <3

Brittany Original`xo
(**)  {"} (``) 
 ||    |   ||
 ||    |   ||    <---they're messed up flowers
       old enough to know better
      T O O Y O U N G T O C A R E
Living life,
Kinda hard,
Finds a knife,
Sends a card,
Telling everyone,
The way she feels,
And that she's done,
Then she kneels,
She awakes,
It's just a dream,
Was it really just fake,
Is that really how it must seem?
These tears,
At night,
She bears,
She fights...
*crazy days*
*hilarious nights*
*hour long talks*
*pillow fights*
*no matter what*
*we'll always be tight*
*my girls forever*
*forever so right*

100% mine!!
- heart
- soul
- determination

do you have it??
u need that boy
like a bowlinng ball
dropped on your head
wich means not at al
youv got to much
to give to live
to waste ur time on him
--superchick bowling ball
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