Quotes added on Sunday, July 12 2009

um the guy i like just
asked me why i dont
like the girl he likes,
isnt that awkward, but if only he knew.</3
[&] I keep 
                                   but he never shows...
"Love is like Pi: natural, irrational, and very important."
- ♦Lisa Hoffman♦

And I'm Still Trying To Figure Out
t h e      e x a c t      m o m e n t
m y   l i f e   g o t   s o   m e s s e d   u p

don't you just love spring?
the blooming flowers, fresh air,
and when guy's mom's make them
get dorky hair cuts d:

ik it's summer but i thought of this randomly one day (:
life's a  RoLLer CoAsTe ride
     up. down. left. right . backwards. forwards. twists. turns. upside down. rightside up.
& Once again Taylor Swift was right ;
I             should             of            said              no             </3 
sleepless nights
endless days
sitting in silence
everyone prays

wishing on stars
whispering to you
wanting to believe
it all wasn't true

you were so weak
it was so unfair
you fought hard your whole life
just to end up here?

each breath took effort
you couldn't laugh any longer
but i know you were inside
body weak, but soul stronger

i never truly understood
a broken heart
till that day came
and it tore apart

now that you're gone
its so hard to believe
all the memories we lost
all the broken dreams

i remember your smile
your laugh, your eyes
i wonder what you'd be like
right now, and i cry

i know you're not suffering
like you were here
but its still just so hard
 without you near

life keeps going
[[time ___ does ___ too]]
but it means -nothing-
w i t h o u t    y o u.

i miss you so much.

for anyone who's lost someone to disease
especially someone so young
RIP haley 
love you <3
+&&I have the type of friends...
 that would be yelling at the computer
because they cant find witty profiles
since they would be
typing woody instead of witty..
at 11:53 at night..
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