Quotes added on Saturday, June 25 2011

without even thinking about it, my best friend used up her life savings to buy me an airplane ticket so i could go home and see my brother before he went back to afghanistan. 
i tried to refuse, but she wouldn't let me. he died fighting, but i got to say goodbye.
her friendship that knows no limits GMH.

.People say there is a app for everything...
There is no app for Witty

Q.What was your biggest mistake you've made so far?
A. My ex, daating him ---was the biggest mistake i ever made.

      You can fall from the sky          
      You can fall from a tree;           
 But the best way to fall is in love...
                 with me                      

the one thing that keeps me from living because i'm constantly waiting  for the dream to come true .

a]vailable: YESSS
[b]irthday: September
[c]rush: NONE of your business
[d]rink you last had: Lemon cordial
[e]asiest person to talk to: Angela&Bayleigh&Kirra
[f]avorite genre of music: RNB
[g]ummy bears or gummy worms: WORMS
[h]ad your first kiss: Nuhhh
[i]nstrument: Used to play Fluteee
[j]uice: Orange & passionfriut
[k]illed someone: Tozz
[l]ongest trip: Tasmania
[m]ilkshake flavor: Vanilla
[n]umber of siblings: 2
[o]ne wish: to be best friends with my best friends forever!!!!:P
[p]erson who holds the best memories with you: Angelaaaa
[q]uiet or loud: BOTH
[r]easons to smile: Everything
[s]ong: Last friday night, katy perrry & Boomerang, Akon
[t]ime you woke up: 09:02am- <3 holidays
[u]mbrella: What???? :S
[v]egetable: Corn
[w]arm at the moment: yeeees i got my uggg boots on :))
[x]-rays you've had: Teeth
[y]our favorite animal: Dolphin
[z]odiac sign: Virgo

Tonight, he texted me first.

*Dying* :)



Maybe its beacuse of they way you smile. How you say my
name. I can be myself around you.
you are always there for me.
your eyes.
you can always make me laugh.
You hair, the way you dress.
the way you can change a bad day into good just by
doing something as small as saying hey.
your laugh.
we can be on the phone for hours and just say one or two words.
the way you say goodnight.
the question i couldn't answer
How could I not love you?

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