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I wore your plaid blue jacket and
spent a winter under your covers and
I watched the sound of music with you and
you sung build me up buttercup to me in the park and
you took me to public gardens and
you kissed me in the back of your parents car
so don't you dare act like you don't recognize my face.

You were my sun and my moon
and all (the stars) in my sky
but now when I look up
all I see (are) variations of
the same (sad) gray color
and I'm not sure how much longer
I'll be able to paint (without) reds or blues
Or the color of (you)r skin.

We shone like stars, and for months,
I thought that we were the bright ones that
Hung securely on a black tarp every night without fail.
But now I realize that we spent every single day
Shooting across the galaxy.
It felt the same as when the earth rotates.
It was a movement that my feet couldn't detect
Until we crashed, and when we landed
We broke the sun and
Shattered the moon and
Cut every string connecting the planets to the solar system
And now black holes dominate my universe rather than your eyes.

I kind of want to scream
and I might want to cry
and I sort of want to yell
and I may want to die
and I know nothing's forever
but why'd you say goodbye?

You hit me like an earthquake
and now I’m left with nothing but
broken walls and
terrible bouts of aftershock.

You spent 365 days
tying my veins in knots and
rewiring my vocal chords so that
I couldn't speak anything besides your name,
but you forgot to fix me before you left.
I’m here with blood that can't circulate and
Limbs that are aching from the
pressure In each of my vessels.
I'm biting my tongue because each syllable
of your name is enough to set my throat ablaze.
I'm beginning to forget
what my own voice sounds like.

My thoughts are as dark as my room at 3 am.

I'm obsessively painting my nails.
Maybe red will make the feeling of your hips
drain from the tips of my fingers or
Maybe yellow and green will cause the memory
of touching your face to fade from my brain and
Maybe if I keep my cuticles covered
I won't see your reflection in them.
I don't know.
There's nothing else I can do.
This is a desperate last resort.
Who really is the one getting hurt here?
This is just alittle excerpt from a story im writing, "Right Kind Of Wrong"...this part really hit home i guess, so i wanted to share it with all you gues...Lemmie now what you think, what i could change or add in?

>Tears began to fall from her eyes and she didn’t try to stop them. Her body started to tremble and she slid down the door, wrapping her arms around her knees for comfort. With every shiver she could feel the mental wall in her head shatter more, and with ever tear she could feel her own sanity slip away. The sound of her labored gasping filled her ears and she covered them, trying to shut out any and all thoughts.<
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