Quotes added on Tuesday, October 25 2005

I'm \\jealous\\ of //every// girl that has ever hugged you,
b e c a u s e for just that one ((moment)) she held my {{entired}} [[world]]
Truly great friends are hard to find,
d i f f i c u l t to leave,
and impossible to forget
I want someone to love me...
to love me because of me!
Not because of my talents or looks
but because of me!

I want someone to hold me
and whisper sweet words into my ear.
I want someone to be there
so I won't have any fear.

I want that someone who goes by the name Joe,
and ownes the "Wing Zone"!
We're really good friends and I see him every day.
But everytime I do
I want him in every single way!
Everytime I'm around him I feel so safe and secure,
he may act like a kid but at the same time mature!

He's the sweetest person I know
and I would never want to let him go.

He doesn't know how much I love him,
but he knows I like him.
Unforunately, there's three things standing in my way of telling him exactly how I feel.
I shouldn't care because it's no big deal!
1- his girlfriend
2- our age difference
3- fear of rejection
But when we're with each other he's full of care and protection.

I love everything about Joe.
He will never be a foe of mine because he's so kind.

I love Joe and
I hope one day he'll know.
I hope one day he'll feel the same about me
then, maybe, we'll be!!!

100% mine!

-Dedicated to my best guy friend: Joe!!!<3
"God Blessed the Broken Road
that Led Me Straight to YOU"
-- Rascal Flatts<3
Just say you want me
Say you need me
But most of all
and it feels so good to be in ur arms again
i knew you'd come back to me baby___x_o__<3
I never **ThOuGht** I would Ever go a day
Without >THinkINg< about you
And I never !ThOUGhT! I could live could
Ever {{ LIvE}} without you
But as the xxDaYsxx go by I actually realize
Your not worth 'CrYiN' over

For::::DJR.....don't ask me who that is!!!! I'm over him
Because of you I never **stary** too far from the sidewalk
Because of you I learned to play on the 'safe side' so i wont get !!hurt!!
Because of you I find it hard to >trust< no only me but every one around me
Because of you....I am ~ , * >AFARID< * , ~
lets slow dance & be the couple everyone
. . w i s h e s t h e y c o u l d b e;
lets look at the stars & kiss all night long
.lets take stupid pictures. & laugh till we
can't breath; lets be forever . . y ou & me--

~~~Organilly by ME~~~~~~~~~Dont take ALL the credit~~~
.....and all i wanted was somebody who *cares*
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