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_dont let the good things go by-
cuz u never know if they will ever come back_
u never realize how much u care bout_
some1_untill they stop caring bout u_
U kN iN a FaRiY-tAlE tHe pRiNcEsS
¿?aLwAyS gEtS hEr PrInCe¿?
wElL tHiS pRiNcEsS JuSt LosT hErS
 )·×·)maybe it's the way 
 Â¸.·´  Â¸.·´
(·×·(you say my name .. 
 `·.¸  `·.¸
       )·×·)or the way I get 
 Â¸.·´ Â¸.·´
(·×·(butterflies every time we talk..
  `·.¸  `·.,
        )·×·)or the way you make me 
   Â¸.·´ Â¸.·´
  (·×·(laugh when nothing’s funny 
   `·.¸ `·
      )·×·)whatever it is--
 Â¸.·´ Â¸.
•.¸¸ .•´"))     -:¦:-
     Â¸.•´   .•´"))
   ((¸¸.•´¸.•´ .•´"))
-:¦:-  ((¸¸.•´ Â¸.•´ .•´"))
           -:¦:-    ((¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸it won't go away
...I had my chance....
..([AnD i BlEw It])..
I had ma moments wit u
and i wasted thoes times

|ma chances were 4 sure|
|i just didnt kn how 2|
|be part of yr life wit u|
|i guess im scraed|--->?

|i want another chance 2 come|
|since some1 took u|
|i wish i had somethin 2 say|
|instead of waitin 4 her 2 take u away|
x0x~ im thru wit guyz they all tell lies they break ur heart n make u cry luvin guyz iz such a sin hey check out that girl that jus walked in ~x0x
You said i was the only girl 4 u_*
but y do i have the feelin......u said it 2 every other g i r l_*
i l0ove wen you call my name
I think my notebooks are
sick of seeing your name.

Brittany Original`xo
The best kind of love is when you
hit him and he kisses you, when
your annoyed he walks away,but you
always go back and he's always there
for a hand to hold,And when he looks
at another girl and you give him a
nasty look, then he says "she wasn't
even half as hot as you are." <3

Brittany Original`xo
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