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I'm falling a p a r t.

that  warm   f u z z y   feeling  when  a guy calls you

you've got me wrapped around your finger. everything you say
is exactly what  i want to hear and you never  fail to keep that
stupid smile across my face.   i'm falling head over heels for you

and i love every second of it.


actions will always speak louder than words.
words are the promise,
 actions are the proof.

 If you put tape on your eyebrows its gunna rip the hair out!!!!! :)
My friend just realized that now
Favorite <3

Growing Up
Chapter 27
 Taylor and I got home, still dripping wet. We dried off and got  changed. I went in my room and 5 minutes later Taylor followed me.
"Hey, Alyssa. About that I'm so -" I cut him off.
"You have nothing to be sorry about, Taylor. It was amazing. I love you."
"Don't say that, Alyssa."
"You have a boyfriend."
"He told me the day before I left whatever happens happens. He said he wouldn't get mad if I was kissed by any hot guys." I winked, and Taylor chuckled.
"Then I feel better. Alyssa, I love you more than anything. I've loved you for like, ever.!"
"Really. And I have to tell you something else very important. i'M MOVING."
"WHAT!? WHY! WHER! WHEN!" i panicked.
"hahaa, relax alyssa. the week we get back! across the street from your house.!" he said, and I jumped into his arms. I couldn't believe Taylor was moving into my neighborhood.! But I knew it would affect me and Blake. badly. But i wasn't gonna worry about that yet. I was focused on spending the next two amazing weeks with Taylor. But i did have an extremely important question - did I REALLY love Taylor, or was I in love with Blake.?

****** sorry its so short! I reallyt need more ideas<3*******

** these are just  some of the
reasons we cry ourselves to sleep/.


i love you.<3

it's clear;

i'm starting to like you... a lot.


yup; lazy with colors (:


You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only 

Format credit to: dont_go_breakin_my_heart

Its Muh Birthdayy :D

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